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The Destiny Numbers


The number One person is a born leader. You will find yourself in a leadership role at some point in your life and it is...

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The number Two person is a born diplomat. You are a naturally diplomatic, level-headed and calm person. You have excellent powers of persuasion which you...

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The number Three person is a total optimist. You are such a cheerful, bright, enthusiastic person who is very creative on many levels. You make...

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The number Four person is the ultimate manager who has great organizational skills. You are very efficient, methodical and systematic in the way you approach...

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The number Five person is a total communicator. You need variety and change in your life, otherwise you quickly become bored. You tend not to...

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The number Six person is a nurturer. Your mission in life is to help those who are weak, unhappy and ailing in any way. ...

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The number Seven person is the educator and mystic. You are the one who loves to study everything, to research and work out fact from...

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The number Eight person is the successful business person. You thrive on responsibility and need to be in a position of authority and power. You...

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The number Nine person is the philanthropic, charitable and beautiful one. You have a fine appreciation for all things artistic and try to live your...

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The number Eleven person is the performer. You are often associated with television, films or journalism - any career which puts you in front of...

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The number Twenty-two person is the one with magnetism and charisma. Even if you are not particularly beautiful, you have such a magnetism that draws...

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