Personality Number Six (6) (Numerology)


Personality Number Six Meaning & Traits

The number Six person is friendly and a lovely person. You are outgoing and so friendly, that people cant help but to warm to you.

You are very easy-going and adaptable, who can accept anything that life throws at you. Change is easy for you to handle and you accept it with a cheeriness that others sometimes envy.

Your love of beautiful people and surroundings can make others view you as a little superficial, but that is not the truth. You just want harmony and beauty around you, in order for you to feel comfortable. Just understand that not everyone feels the same way as you.

Your happy-go-lucky attitude can make you appear to be irresponsible and unthinking about the consequences of your actions. You also need to curb your tendency towards selfishness.

You prefer to work in a positive environment and will sometimes be agreeable just to avoid conflict. This means that you don't really say what you think and feel and this can cause you some discomfort. Learn that you can be expressive about how you feel / think and that this wont cause others to disrespect you or to leave you. It will be OK if you just talk about it and say what you really think in an assertive way that honors what you feel and does not disrespect the other person.

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