Personality Number Three (3) (Numerology)


Personality Number Three Meaning & Traits

The number Three person is sociable and outgoing. You are happy, optimistic and have a wide circle of friends, who you love to go out with and socialize on a regular basis.

You are quite a popular person, because you are so witty, charming and funny, that people love to be around you. You like to bring yourself to be the center of everyone's attention, because you have an intrinsic loneliness and need to have people's attention to feel good about yourself. It doesn't matter what type of attention you get, as long as you get people to notice you.

You can be quite larger-than-life in your attitude, behavior and the way you dress, which again, makes it hard for people to ignore you, because you stand out. You make the perfect actor as you have an inclination towards the dramatic and have such an attention-seeking aspect to yourself.

You have amazing energy levels and can do so much more than other people, who sometimes get tired just hearing about your exploits.

Your attention-seeking behavior can make you appear to be conceited and very full of yourself, but what most people don't really understand, is that that behavior is a facade and that you are a very sensitive and soft individual who is very loving to your close friends, of which you only have a few.

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