Personality Number Five (5) (Numerology)


Personality Number Five Meaning & Traits

The number Five person is witty and articulate. You are energetic, have a curious nature and are very restless, so this means you seek new experiences all the time. You like to know about everything, but you never go deep into any particular subject, although you know enough to have an intelligent conversation with anyone on just about any subject.

Your natural curiosity means that you like to get to know people, because you want to work out what makes them tick.

Others view you as the font of all knowledge about anything and even if you don't have the answer now, you can research it and find it quicker than anyone else.

You are the ones who know all the juicy gossip in the office. You love gossiping about others. You love to know all the latest news about everyone you know (even if it isn't true).

You make a very amusing companion with your wit and great sense of humor, so you have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, who you do socialize with quite regularly.

You don't like to get too settled in one place, as you have an innate restlessness that prevents you from feeling comfortable staying anywhere too long, and this relates to jobs, homes and even partners. You are not one who can commit long-term to anther person, which may make you lonely in old age if you don't have a significant other at that time.

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