Personality Number Eleven (11) (Numerology)


Personality Number Eleven Meaning & Traits

The number Eleven person is an idealist. You are always stick to your principles, no matter what anyone else says.

You can come across as aloof and do not make friends too easily because you appear to be distant and unapproachable and so, not likely to be friendly. This is just not the case, as you are so warm and loving and love nothing better than having nice, warm and friendly social interludes.

You are very loyal and faithful to your close friends, family and your loved ones. You do give a lot of yourself to them if they ever need you. You just don't show this side of yourself to everyone.

You make a great leader with your idealistic nature and breadth of vision. You have the capacity to make great things happen.

The way you stubbornly hold onto your principles can make you appear very resistant to anyone else's ideas. This can make you enemies of people who view you with suspicion. While you do have your own ideals and believe in what you believe in, you are tolerant to what others believe, but this does not often come across when you speak about what you think. You should think about how to better communicate your tolerant attitude to other people and you will find that people actually respect and like you a lot more.

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